Brand Name: < Peach-blossom Source昅I>
Brand Origin: Begins in 2006. The name comes from < Peach-blossom Source > by Tao Yuan Ming, the famous proser and poet of East Jin Dynasty, which 慞each-blossom Source?comes from. MI is the writing method of Pinyin.
Initiation Conception: The designer likes history, both Chinese and foreign countries, culture and arts. This brand name is also used as her Blog name. Then the electronic magazine is published to communicate with others by different 慚I抯. Wish to strike a sympathetic resonance between people of similar interests.
Developing Process: The brand was established in summer 2005, declared by rename of designer抯 Blog name. Then the first hand-color glassware was issued on Jan. 2006, follow up with the first electronic magazine on Sept. 2006. 慚I?means infinite possibility in Chinese. In 2007, the brand was purchased by Cloudland Culture Co., Ltd. Shanghai.